Hey, a girl can dream.

With the release of my debut novel has come an onslaught of good-natured ribbing and wild speculation from loving friends. For example, how big can my head get before I have to be custom fit with a neck brace, how will I spend all that extra cash from book sales (I assume they’re referring to the $22 profit after PR expenses?), and will Hollywood keep the original title STILL LIFE for the movie?

Its great fun to fantasize about such things, to let my mind wander if only for a moment here or there, before reality sets in and I am rudely thrust back into my own boring life.

Let me share one such fantasy with you. I was daydreaming on my twenty-minute drive to work yesterday, trying to imagine a screen adaptation of STILL LIFE and wondering who in the world would produce/direct the quirky, romantic, sometimes graphic book I wrote?

This worried me because I have seen great books turned into some made for television dramas with horrendous results. So I thought, why not make it a kind of epic artist project from the start? That way if the final product goes terribly wrong, I could say it was the creative interpretation that made it so strangely unique. Heh.

Here is the formula I created in my manic mind:

Production/Direction: This would be a collaborative effort by Richard Curtis and Quentin Tarantino (Think Love Actually & Notting Hill meets Pulp Fiction & Desperado)

Soundtrack by: Macklemore/Lewis and Pink


Have a great weekend everybody!   I plan to spend time with family, drink a little wine, write, and see Boogie and the Yo-Yo’s. Not necessarily in that order.

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