With such good friends…who needs enemies?

Jo Binder set down a plate heaped with donut holes between the two women. “Glad to see you’re off the rabbit food, CJ.” Jo stared openly at the wild spiky hair atop CJ’s head and bit her lower lip.

“Yeah, I learned the hard way all those veggies made me gassy, you’ve got to balance all that fiber with some carbs otherwise you might as well be wearing man-repellant.”

Across the table Sarah watched the exchange with one eyebrow cocked.

“Well I’m just glad the carbs you’ve chosen are mine, eat up while they’re warm, ladies.” Jo made her way back behind the bakery counter.

The women moved a few holes onto individual plates. CJ popped one into her mouth. “Oh mugud fis is tho goo.” She mumbled around the doughy treat.

Sarah laughed. “You definitely chose the right place for breakfast.” She looked at her watch. “But I’ve only got twenty minutes, so what’s on your mind?”

CJ took a gulp of her prune juice to wash down the remaining hole. “It’s been four months since Randi separated from Stuart. She’s filing for divorce. I think it’s time she put herself back on the market.”

“You mean like a chunk of meat or are you trying to say that you think she should start dating again?”

“If not date, then at least get back on a man, preferably one that’s naked. She’s in the prime of her life and she needs to maintain the health of her girl parts.”


“Use it or lose it. Everybody knows that.”

“Not everybody has the commitment to extracurricular activities that you do. Nor the predilection to expound on their sexual prowess, CJ.”

“Quit speaking your fancy ass lawyer words to me. You know I hate that shit!”

“Fine. Not everyone wants to sleep around and talk about it, CJ.” She picked up a donut hole and nibbled at it delicately, taking small sips of her tea in between bites.

“Yeah well not everybody has a stick up their ass like you do either. I’m just saying that Randi should get back on the horse before she forgets how to ride. I once hit on a dry spell of three months and seriously worried I’d have to solicit for lessons. But Gary Strathm….”

“Eeew! No names, CJ.” Sarah looked around the to make sure no one was paying attention to their conversation.

“Thankfully, Gary knew exactly how to grease my gears.” She winked, lewdly.

Sarah dabbed at the corner of her mouth with a napkin and sighed. “All we can do is encourage her to meet new people and support her in whatever she decides.”

“That’s B.S. and you know it. If we don’t push her, Randi’s going to give up altogether, throw herself into her work, and become an old maid. And I for one am not about to sit by and watch her life go down the shitter.”

Sarah sat back in the booth and crossed her arms. “She also needs time to grieve. Divorce is like a death and she shouldn’t be in a rush to move on.”

“Oh please. She doesn’t need to get over that wing nut she was married to, one night of mind-blowing sex and she won’t even remember the bastard’s name.”

“Tell you what, CJ…I will encourage her to get out and meet other people. But I will not tell her it’s okay to be promiscuous.”

“Bah, your generation missed out on the “casual sex” decade of the seventies.”

“Right, and your generation gifted us with STD’s, thank you very much.”

“Maybe if you’d loosen the vise-like grip on your thighs occasionally you wouldn’t be such a sour puss. Hey, you aren’t still a virgin are you?” She faked flicking powdered sugar across the table at Sarah.

Sarah pointed a slender finger at her friend. “You’re living your life on the hormone level of a high school boy.”

A dreamy smile crossed CJ’s face. “Yeah, I am pretty lucky, aren’t I?”

“Look you, I’m not saying she has to be a prude. But I’m also not going to give her permission to become a slut. Let’s persuade her to date and let her sex life be her own business.”

CJ didn’t hide her disappointment. “Fine. I can always hope that she’ll share some details eventually.”

“I’m out of here,” said Sarah.

“See you later, fancy pants. Let me know if you need Gary’s number.” She called out as Sarah rushed from the bakery.