Exciting News:

STILL LIFE recently received a favorable review by Library Journal!

Thank you, Judy Taylor Garner for your appraisal:

“The first title in the “Randi Lassiter” murder mystery series paints a grisly picture of a deranged serial killer and the grotesque capabilities of a twisted mind. But romance readers, don’t despair! Sparks fly between the jilted Randi and her hunky detective, and not even gruesome murder scenes can stop this pair from igniting.”—Judy Taylor Garner, Strayer Univ., Glen Allen, VA

I am thrilled to be in the company of other Samhain Publishing author’s who also received reviews, especially Rosanna Leo with her soon to be released novel: VICE.

While I am proud to receive such accolades, I am also thankful for my editor, Noah JD Chinn, without whom this would not have been possible. I have thanked him many times and he humbly responds that it is just his job. However, if not for his belief in the manuscript and then much guidance, instruction, prodding, and yes, insecure author hand holding, this book would have been a lesser product.

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