Book 2 is available!

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What readers are saying about STILL LIFE

“The first title in the “Randi Lassiter” murder mystery series paints a grisly picture of a deranged serial killer and the grotesque capabilities of a twisted mind. But romance readers, don’t despair! Sparks fly between the jilted Randi and her hunky detective, and not even gruesome murder scenes can stop this pair from igniting.”

~Library Journal

“The last 10% of this novel is wicked intense, as our heroine runs for her life from a psychotic killer.” “But it was also surprisingly funny, sweet, and sexy as hell. Everything builds towards a suspenseful climax which will keep you on the edge of your seat.” ~ROMANCE4THEBEACH

“With Still Life, D.B. Kennison has created a true rarity in the romantic suspense genre – a deliberately flawed heroine with a lovable set of talents, motivations and supporting cast. Her employee and sidekick, CJ, serves as a brilliant counter to Randi’s personality. The idea of seeing people having sex makes CJ cringe, and her idea of a good time is a night at home with a pie and a Hallmark movie. Together, they make a compelling duo that you can’t help but want to spend time with, and the simmering tension between Bricksen and Lassiter is brilliantly played.

Let’s hope that Kennison is plotting an entire series for Ms. Lassiter.”

~Best Thrillers Book Review

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