Forward Motion is Everything

Well, it’s done. My publisher has officially closed their doors. In the ever-changing world of book selling, Samhain and its owner, Crissy Brashear, went out with dignity—doing their best by their authors and employees under difficult circumstances.

But where does this leave me, you ask? With the announcement last year of a slowdown and eventual closure, I’ve had time to prepare. I’ve already begun to re-release STILL LIFE–book 1 in the Randi Lassiter series as an ebook on retail sites with print to follow. Final line edits were recently completed on THE DARK SIDE (book 2) and I’m prepping it now for launch. The hang up is, without a publisher, it’s all on me. And boy, this Indie publishing thing is a heck of a lot of work!

Fans will also be happy to know that I’m also working on the first book in a new suspense series featuring special agent, Becca Howell, with the department of justice (from Still Life) and outlining book 3 in the Randi Lassiter Series. See, forward motion is everything.

For your entertainment, here are the cover and blurb for THE DARK SIDE.



Coming Soon!


With the woman who tried to murder her finally behind bars, Randi Lassiter is wondering how much longer she must suffer the effects of the post-traumatic stress disorder that have plagued her for nearly a year. Just as she and her cop boyfriend, Jon Bricksen, settle into the routine of a happy couple, someone in town is murdered and the news threatens to send her down the rabbit hole again.

What Randi needs now is a P. I. case to focus on. When the only distraction available comes waltzing into her office, Randi embraces the opportunity like the lone life preserver on the Titanic. Too bad the client is her ex-husband, Stuart, who is looking for his missing new wife.

Randi’s decision to help the man she has sworn to loathe for all eternity is so out of character that Jon questions not only her judgment, but her mental health as well. When he worries that she has lost her last marble, Randi begins to keep secrets from him. The kind of secrets that could break a relationship.

When Stuart is suddenly arrested for murder, Randi stubbornly stands by her ex-man. As she attempts the impossible by proving him innocent, Jon is doing his best to find him guilty.

Pitted against one another, the couple’s love is tested. Can their relationship survive as a conspiracy of secrets place them in danger?

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Exciting News:

STILL LIFE recently received a favorable review by Library Journal!

Thank you, Judy Taylor Garner for your appraisal:

“The first title in the “Randi Lassiter” murder mystery series paints a grisly picture of a deranged serial killer and the grotesque capabilities of a twisted mind. But romance readers, don’t despair! Sparks fly between the jilted Randi and her hunky detective, and not even gruesome murder scenes can stop this pair from igniting.”—Judy Taylor Garner, Strayer Univ., Glen Allen, VA

I am thrilled to be in the company of other Samhain Publishing author’s who also received reviews, especially Rosanna Leo with her soon to be released novel: VICE.

While I am proud to receive such accolades, I am also thankful for my editor, Noah JD Chinn, without whom this would not have been possible. I have thanked him many times and he humbly responds that it is just his job. However, if not for his belief in the manuscript and then much guidance, instruction, prodding, and yes, insecure author hand holding, this book would have been a lesser product.

Still Life has a fan.

To me the most exciting part of releasing a book is discovering the reaction of readers. After all that work I can’t help but wonder…did they like the end result? Well, reviews are coming in and the results are great, people like Still Life and I could not be happier.

But, recently a frustrated reviewer contacted me. It seems she was unable to post her review on purchase sites and since she is not a participant in social media she couldn’t post there either. So, I decided to post her review here. I love that, much like a book author, this reader was so adamant about wanting to get her own words out into the world.

What follows is Barb W.’s review of STILL LIFE.  Thanks, Barb!

D.B. Kennison’s first novel, Still Life, was a roller coaster of emotions. Filled with suspense, adventure, romance and a “who done it” plot. From the very beginning when Randi Lassiter, a jilted wife, who is a real estate agent by day and a PI at night working for a divorce attorney, nabbing adulterers with her colorful, purple hair cohort CJ are in a dark alley late at night to photograph a two timing husband through a window in a seedy hotel, the Bells. To the nail biting last page you feel you are traveling right beside them, even seeing and smelling the crime scenes. You are right with them through all the twist and turns they experience while helping, usually unsolicited help, in catching an unlikely serial killer.

Enter Homicide Detective Jon Bricksen a detective from the big city of Milwaukee, where he was fed up with all the crime and murders and a broken romance. He thought the quiet, quaint, laid back town of Mt. Ouisco would be a refuge for him and his dog, Dammit, only to be drawn in to a series of murders that also lead him to meet Randi. Their first meeting, at the Hometown Cafe, where Randi and CJ were being held for questioning after the discovery of the body outside the motel, sets the tone for a fiery and explosive relationship which started by Randi thinking Jon was eye candy but a ball-scratching egomaniac and Jon thinking she was a interfering scatter brained local…the sparks flew and it was head to head battering from there.

I am looking forward to reading more of Randi’s adventures.

Caution: This book will keep you on the edge of your seat and the suspense will keep you up all night…don’t read before going to bed.

~Barb W.