Who I am and Why I’m Here

Here is an author who blogs for herself first and hopes to gain fans second. I always look forward to what Barb has to say. Her blogs are not weighty diatribes about the writer psyche or literary how-to’s. They are just fun and entertaining.

Barbara Meyers - Author

That’s as it relates to blogging, not necessarily anything else.

I started blogging several years ago when I first set up my web site because a WordPress blogging platform came with the web site. I didn’t know what blogging actually was. I loved writing. I loved essay-ing. Mostly I wrote about myself. Surprise, surprise. No one was interested. They still aren’t.

Maybe I should be doing a private journal instead of blogging. One of my past marketing consultants strongly suggested that my blog should contain content of value to readers (of my books). All twelve of them. Maybe she was right, but I started blogging as something I did for me, and I guess that hasn’t changed in all these years.

The books are for my readers. Can I not blog for myself? As a writer I want readers to read everything I write, but a) who’s got the time…

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