Catching up

Publishing: More about the process… First let me apologize for my recent absence and lack of blogging material lately. I’d like to think I have a pretty great excuse, as I have been actively working on Still Life as it is prepared for publishing. A few weeks ago my editor, Noah JD Chinn, and the publisher’s art team helped me come up with a game plan for the cover art of the book. I have seen what I believe is the final mock-up and am thrilled with the result. It is a concept that captures the quirky contrast between romance and murder within the pages of Still Life. And, seeing my name in print ain’t bad either. When the final design is released I will share it here immediately. Right now I am knee deep into editing the manuscript. What a phenomenal learning experience—way better than I ever thought it would be. That said, the first run could only be described as a rollercoaster ride of emotions beginning with painful and humbling (nothing a few tears and beers couldn’t fix) and then thankfully, moving on to rewarding. It is thrilling to see my story cleared of clutter and transformed into a clean, fast paced read. I have read plenty of books where the author acknowledges their editor with glowing accolades to the point where you’d swear they’re about to swoon. Now I know why. Simply put, Noah—you rock! I can only imagine what it must be like as a book editor to work with the various personalities and egos of writers. In the most basic of terms, the job is to point out the good, the bad, and the ugly of the writer’s work. Then, after talking them in off the ledge, bolster their confidence back up so they can complete the work and finish the book. Thank God my editor has a wicked sense of humor. * wink *   Over the next week or so I will be focused on catching up with home projects, a second pass at the book edit, and on to the task of writing book two in the Randi Lassiter Series.

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